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Our latest brush with fame. Thanks DAYTIME CHICAGO!

The idea of Fat Tommy's came New Year's Day 2000 when owners, Dan and Caroline, had a conversation about hopes and dreams for the new millennium.  


Since 1991, Dan and his business partner, Tom, owned DT's Cart in the Park which was considered a Kennedy Park icon.  Over the years, hundreds of hungry little leaguer's, and their fans, were fed. After 9 years, it was time to expand beyond the parks.


During that New Year's Day conversation Dan and Caroline talked about a more permanent, year-long location.  The former Dog House at 3256 W. 111th Street was available (see top picture) and it was a legacy location having also been the home of Mt. Greenwood staple Wonderburger and another memorable spot called Vic's where the owner served hamburgers wrapped in newspapers.


The name?  Well, Dan and Tom loved Fat Johnnie's and flipped a coin to determine what to call their new place.  Tom "won" and soon the very fit fireman became the namesake and Fat Tommy's was born on June 1, 2000.  


In May 2009 Fat Tommy's relocated to 3031 W. 111th where the square footage was double and the space featured a perfect outdoor space for al fresco dining.  The menu was also enhanced to add more homemade items including hand-packed hamburgers, hand-cut french fries and a funky salad called the Inna-gatta-da-vita named after the famous Iron Butterfly song.


In 2010 they were granted a liquor license and Dan, a former beer salesman, selected his wish list of the best beers he could get his hands on.  Focussed on interesting, eclectic brews, the beer menu is a memorable experience and the very knowledgeable owner helps the undecided make a delicious selection.  


All are welcomed by a friendly, conscientious staff and everything is made to order.  While waiting for your food, we invite you to make a friend, watch TV, read a book, magazine or newspaper from our selection.


Thank you for your business.





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